Insiders and insider register

Ahtium complies with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU), Finnish Securities Market Act and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Guidelines for Insiders.

Ahtium's members of the Board of Directors and the CEO as well as the members of the Executive Committee have been determined, as persons discharging managerial responsibilities and having the requirement, together with their closely associated persons, to notify their transactions as required by the Market Abuse Regulation. Also the closed periods of 30 calendar days before the publication of interim reports and the financial statements apply to these above-mentioned persons. During the closed periods any trading with securities issued by Ahtium is not permitted. In addition, the Company recommends that the persons involved in the preparation of Ahtium’s interim reports and financial statements would also comply with the closed periods.

The Company maintains project specific insider lists for insider projects. Project specific insiders are prohibited from trading in the Company’s securities until the termination of the relevant project.

As a result of the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) N:o 596/2014, ”MAR”), entered into force on 3 July 2016, Ahtium no longer maintains a public or company specific insider register. The last date of update of the previously maintained insider register was 2 July 2016.